How to Dress Salmon Flies

How to Dress Salmon Flies is a book you really should buy someday, or at least spend some time borrowing a copy from a friend. This was is one of the classic early works, and is used as the main reference in these parts. I used this book when learning from my mentor, and at a recent class with Charlie Chute I noted that he uses this book as his reference. There are still copies around, if you have a plump checkbook. If I were just starting out I would likely start with something else ...



Specifically, I'd get my hand on any of the Radencich books listed above. Still, this book has a lot of character, and gives you a good feel for the history of the art. Nine color plates and lots of pen and ink drawings.  

Make sure you note that this book was produced in 1914, well before anyone was using fly tying vises. A lot of the instructions give careful direction on how to hold thread with one hand while winding with the other, etc. For example, you can see how to tie on the silk eye here.

If you are interested in this book, or the Frodin or some of the other older ones, you might try Ken Callahan of Callahan and Company Books, in Sharon, NH (603-924-3726). Ken has a wonderful library of pre-owned hunting, fishing and general sporting books and publishes a monthly catalog.