What's this website all About???

Is this a business? A non-profit? A non-profitable business? Actually, it's sort of a hobby site that evolved from the time I did my first Atlantic Salmon Fly tying apprenticeship with Bob Wyatt of Concord, NH. I needed a place to show off some of my work, so came up with a website. This was of course before Social Networking was invented. The site now has a bit less personal history, but serves as a place to spread some fly tying knowledge, and perhaps sell a few frames or domes.

Shameless Self Promotion

As a bit of a hobby writer I've had quite a few articles published in a variety of electronics, radio, and fishing magazines. The Shameless Self Promotion page is a place where I have posted links to pdfs of the articles. That's pdfs for the newer articles, and painful jpegs for the older ones (I'm working on it.) Anyway, this is a place to which I can refer students and folks of interest when they have a question about an article I've written.